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Like mosaic, beautiful but broken pieces fit together to create the wonder that is your soul. 

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Change. Experiencing a real, authentic change in your life. You know you need it. But where do you start? This book is for you. The author walks you through her own chaotic upbringing and the self-inflicted pain of her adult life to explore meaningful and tangible realizations and growth she gained from each hardship. She then equips you with ways to apply these thoughts and lessons to your own life. By applying these truths, you will surely see your life start to transform in amazing ways. If you are serious about changing your life and ready to overcome battles, then this book is a must-read RIGHT NOW.

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Riki-Leigh has been a writer her entire life. Writing has been her form of escape, healing, and dreaming since she was a little girl. What started as diary entries about boys, friends, and life-dreams transformed to blog entries about her growing family and the struggles of being a new mom and wife.  Two decades later, her first book is about what she knows best- the hard stuff.

Littered through those diary and blog entries were her struggles and the overall question of, "How do I grow from this?” Her first book, Mended, is based directly from that. Writing about the hard stuff, the stuff that no one wants to talk about is her specialty. There's no topic off limits and no struggle that can't be turned into a lesson.

Mended is her first book baby, but not her last. Riki-Leigh has dreams to publish many more in the future. Her most important goal is to lead women through the hard stuff knowing that God is always in control and using their story for the good. 

Riki-Leigh lives in coastal South Carolina with her 4 beautiful children and husband of 12 years. Her jobs include, but not limited to, pharmacist, secretary, chauffeur, homework helper, and snack maker. She enjoys Bible studies, running, and true crime podcasts.

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Get in touch to discover more writings by Riki-Leigh Harnish and to follow their literary adventures.

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