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10 of my Greatest Memories

This one is going to be fun! But I also think it is impossible to limit it to 10, so I am going to write the first ten I think of and go back and add more when I think of them. For me, I am classifying my greatest memories as times that I remember my heart feeling the fullest. It could be mundane memories with my family or trips of a lifetime. But definitely times that I felt closest to God, extremely thankful, and just full of happiness. Here we go!

  1. The birth of all of my children... obviously.

  2. Kayaking with Andy on Lake Lure and him purposing.

  3. Hiking Bright Angel Trail with my family.

  4. Playing in the snow on our family trip.

  5. Thanksgiving 2015 at my grandmas.

  6. Mended Book Launch

  7. Finishing the full marathon

  8. Being in the hospital New Years eve 2001 with my family waiting for my cousin Corbin to be born.

  9. Being in a play in the 3rd grade at church and laughing through all of my lines.

  10. 10 year high school reunion.

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