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10 Very Random Facts about me.

  1. I won a beauty pageant when I was 4 and crowned "Miss Southeastern Autumn Queen".

  2. I found out that I had a sister through my son doing 23&Me. We met each other last year for the first time and neither of us had any idea!

  3. New York City is my favorite place ever.

  4. I have a thing with numbers. 22 and 7 are my favorite numbers. 13 is my least favorite. -- and I won't pump gas from pump 13 ever. Or 3 because it is too close to 13.

  5. The time 3:33 freaks me out. I used to wake up at 3:33am overnight and I got the creeps about it. But then my daughter was born at 3:33 am (of course, ugh)... so I have tried to get over my weird obsession that it's a bad time.

  6. My favorite podcasts are Crime Junkies, Morbid, The Deck, Simplified, and We Can Do Hard Things. I really like podcasts.

  7. Elton john is my favorite music artist ever.

  8. I had an assignment in 7th grade where you had to write a book of personal narratives. I got a 100 and that was the moment I wanted to become an author.

  9. I have one tattoo -on my ribs. Psalm 62:6 "He alone is my rock and salvation." I have a perfectly placed freckle that the tattoo artist used for the dot on the i. I got it the summer before I got pregnant with Noah and never really wore a two piece after so no one ever sees it.

  10. I wear makeup everyday. I'm not fancy with it or have skills, but I do love it. Doesn't matter if I'm just sitting at home all day, I still have makeup on.

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