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33 Memories of my 33rd Year

  1. NYC to celebrate my birthday!!

  2. Trick or Treating with friends. Trunk or Treating at the preschool.

  3. Getting Bentley!!

  4. Finished the entire Bible for the first time.

  5. The girl's first annual cookie party

  6. Doing all the Christmas things- parades, lights, 1000 candles, baking

  7. New Year's Eve dinner with friends and the kids toasting with sparkling grape juice

  8. Marathon Training- intense running for the first 3 months of the year

  9. Gatlingburg with family- game nights, mountain coaster, sky bridge, snow tubing, marathon running on a mountain, playing in the snow, everyone getting Covid

  10. Getting the girls ready for Daddy-daughter dance and Noah & I going to Melting Pot for a date

  11. It snowing at our house and building a snowman.

  12. Hibachi chef for Andy's dad's birthday with the family.

  13. Eden and Adella making purple team in gymnastics.

  14. Fastest half-marathon- under 2 hours.

  15. The marathon.

  16. Noah's first dance

  17. Volunteering for REACH and making Easter baskets for a nursing home.

  18. Parade in Tabor City

  19. Girls birthday parties - Wine & Design and Big Air

  20. Out of town visitors - Molly, Emily, Farah, Sara

  21. Went to PA with family. Celebration of Nanny's life with family. Hershey Park.

  22. Saw Lara & Larissa

  23. Getting our floors and bathrooms redone

  24. Started a book club

  25. Noah started baseball training and joined a travel team. Also played basketball in the summer.

  26. Remi & Eden learned to ride their bikes without training wheels.

  27. My book came out!!!!!!!!!! Visited bookstores, got into Barnes & Noble, had a beautiful book launch.

  28. Did a 30 day shred with Andy

  29. Yes days for the kids- lots of summer fun. Too much to name.

  30. Cruise to St.Maarten, St.Thomas, and CoCo Cay

  31. Going to see Rachel Hollis

  32. Remi joined soccer (her first sport)

  33. Speaking on stage at Mystery Women's Conference.

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