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Easter Bible Readings & Events

Last night my family and I started some short Bible readings that I found online from @risenmotherhood. I really enjoyed it because it was short enough to keep my kids’ attention and it asked a follow-up question each day. I think this is even good for adults to use to refresh themselves about why we celebrate Easter as Christians. I know it's Tuesday, but she skips Tuesday & Wednesday as catch up days. I copied her info for you here:

Sunday: Jesus Rides on a Donkey

  • Read: Matthew 21: 5-11

  • Ask: What kind of king is Jesus?

Monday: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

  • Read: Mark 11: 15-17

  • Ask: Why does Jesus clear everything out in the temple?

Thursday: Jesus Celebrates the Last Supper

  • Read: Luke 22: 14-20

  • Ask: Why is this the Last Supper?

Friday: Jesus Dies for Sins

  • Read: John 19: 28-30

  • Ask: What does Jesus say right before he dies?

Saturday: Jesus is Silent

  • Read: Matthew 27: 62-66

  • Ask: Where is Jesus' body on this day?

Sunday: Jesus is Raised to Life

  • Read: 1 Corinthians 15: 17-19

  • Ask: Why was it important for Jesus to rise from the dead?

If you are looking for some events in the Myrtle Beach area, here are some coming up this week:

  • Thursday: Ekklesia Christian Church Easter Festival 6-8pm

  • Saturday 3-6pm: Crazy Mason Milkshakes Easter Bunny & Dessert

  • Saturday 10am: 40th Annual Easter egg hunt: McLean Park

  • Crooked Hammock Easter Egg Hunt: Sunday 11am

  • Easter egg-stravaganva- First Baptist Church of Surfside: Saturday 10am-12pm

  • Helicopter Easter Egg Drop Thompson Farm: Saturday 10am

and if you don’t have a church family, join us at Ekklesia this Sunday at 10am for a big and beautiful outdoor service! 2469 East Hwy 501 Conway, SC

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday!

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