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Hello again!

Ahh.. it's been awhile. I don't know if this is for all writers, or just me, but sometimes I get in writing ruts. Actually a lot of times I do. Either I am burnt out from writing (which happened after my book release because of the constant promoting), or I can only write one thing at a time. Right now I am super focused on writing another book and when I am in that mind set, I feel like I have nothing left to give for blogs. Writing a book requires so much from me mentally and emotionally. I put everything I am feeling onto the pages I am writing, to where I cannot possibly write any more heartfelt words for a blog AND/OR it feels impossible to redirect my mood and write something light and fun. So for now, I decided to do neither. Since book launch I have had a lot of new followers, many of those who don't know me at all. I am going to do a few "10 things about me" posts- some just random facts about me, some fun, and some serious. This one is for my brand new followers and those who haven't read my book yet. Enjoy!


  1. I am an only child to a single mom. I do not know anything about my father (nor do I care to know).

  2. I have been married for 11 years and been together for 15- we got married when we were 22.

  3. We have 4 children together. I always wanted 5 kids, but decided to stop at 4. I also thought I would be a boy mom, but God blessed us with 1 awesome boy and 3 beautiful girls.

  4. I decided I wanted to be a pharmacist in 10th grade- mostly because of the finiancial stability aspect of it. Changed my major to psychology, then to nursing, and eventually back to pharmacy. I have my doctorate of Pharmacy.

  5. Before 10th grade, my dream job was to be a traveling writer. Think "Eat, Pray, Love"... that was the dream.

  6. I ran track (hurdles) and played soccer in high school.

  7. I started running again in 2019 and since then have ran countless 5ks, 5-ish half marathons, and 1 marathon.

  8. I am an enneagram 2 wing 1. Definitely a people-pleaser, helper, type of person with a lot of perfectionist qualities. My love language is words of affirmation.

  9. I love traveling. It's in my top 3 priorities for my family...I didn't travel much growing up and I want my children to have these memories as us together and having fun together.

  10. My number one priority for myself and my family is our faith. I pray every day that each of us will be strong in our faith and will be lights to the world, in our own unique way.

That's it for today friends. I hope that gives you a better idea to who I am! I would love to know something about you, too! Comment below some facts about yourself!

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