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Local Authors to Support

Hey friends. I know that we all like to support local businesses while holiday shopping. So why not support our local authors for your book loving friends? Below I have some of our local authors (and happy to call them my friends) that have written amazing books that you should consider giving as gifts this year.

First- Hello, its me. I think my book, along with a matching set of earrings and/or a shirt is the perfect gift! This is a self-help type book that offers hope for anyone struggling with their past or present. To be honest, I think every single person struggles with that. Most of the people that I have gotten the best feedback from are the people that I thought were perfect and didn't have a life like mine. I plan to give a book and a pair of earrings for all my kids teachers and neighbors. But it would be great for any woman in your life. It is a simple, yet thoughtful and beautiful gift. Available on this website, locally at Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Email to purchase earrings and shirt.

Kelly Burton- This book is #3 in her Surfside Beach series. Her books are easy to read, fictional, and more of a love/life story. Her books are available locally at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

Caleb Wygal is a local's favorite! Available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. His stories are ficitional mysteries, that feature Myrtle Beach in all the books. He has quite a few to choose from and I doubt if you have a mystery-loving friend, they will want more than one!

This is my new friend VS Gardner... and her husband actually hand painted the cover! I met here a few weeks ago at a speaking event at my church, and she is so sweet and so brave to come share her books with me. I know personally how hard it is to come share your work with others. Her stories are Christian based, easy read novels that you will fall in love with. She has two books available from Amazon right now!

This book I am currently LOVING. I met Shari at Kelly's book launch where she shares insight into her book writing process and I immediately bought her book. Her book is exactly what she states- essays on marriage, motherhood, and the mundane. It is an easy read.. can easily read it in the car pickup line. It has insightful advice for all areas of your life.. and honestly, it just makes my heart happy when I read it. Life is hard and reading this book makes you feel like you have a friend walking through it with you. Available locally at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

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